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Previously, we showed that in the ornate dragon lizard, Ctenophorus ornatus , lizards residing on outcrops that are separated by cleared agricultural land are significantly more isolated and hold less genetic variation than lizards residing on neighbouring outcrops connected by undisturbed native vegetation. Here, we extend the fine-scale study to examine the pattern of genetic variation and population structure across the species' range. Using a landscape genetics approach, we test whether land clearing for agricultural purposes has affected the population structure of the ornate dragon lizard.

In support of our previous study, land clearing was associated with higher genetic divergences between outcrops and lower genetic variation within outcrops, but only in the region that had been exposed to intense agriculture for the longest period of time. No other landscape features influenced population structure in any geographic region.

These results show that the effects of landscape features can vary across species' ranges and suggest there may be a temporal lag in response to contemporary changes in land use. These findings therefore highlight the need for caution when assessing the impact of contemporary land use practices on genetic variation and population structure. Trawl fisheries are associated with catches of swimming crabs, which are an important economic resource for commercial as well for small-scale fisheries. Crabs were collected from a shrimp fishing boat equipped with a semi-balloon otter-trawl net, on eight transects four in the estuary and four in the bay from Mar Effects of mannan oligosaccharide dietary supplementation on performances of the tropical spiny lobsters juvenile Panulirus ornatus , Fabricius The effects of dietary mannan oligosaccharide MOS Bio-Mos, Alltech, USA on the growth, survival, physiology, bacteria and morphology of the gut and immune response to bacterial infection of tropical rock lobsters Panulirus ornatus juvenile were investigated.

Dietary inclusion level of MOS at 0. At the end of 56 days of rearing period, a challenged test was also conducted to evaluate the bacterial infection resistant ability of the lobsters fed the two diets. Lobster juvenile fed MOS diet attained 2. Bacteria in the gut both total aerobic and Vibrio spp. After 7 days of bacterial infection the lobsters fed MOS diet showed higher survival, THC, GC and lower bacteraemia than the lobsters fed the control diet.

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The experimental trial demonstrated the ability of MOS to improve the growth performance, survival, physiological condition, gut health and immune responses of tropical spiny lobsters juveniles. Copyright Elsevier Ltd.

Influence of growth regulators on distribution of trichomes and the production of volatiles in micropropagated plants of Plectranthus ornatus. Full Text Available ABSTRACT The profile of volatile organic compounds, the glandular and non-glandular trichomes of Plectranthus ornatus , obtained by in vitro cultivation, was evaluated in plants grown in Murashide and Skoog medium supplemented with benylaminopurine at 4. Scanning Electron Microscopy was performed on samples of the third leaf node of the 90 days old plants obtained from treatment with 4.

The data were analyzed using Principal Component Analysis and Hierarchical Clustering Analysis and, the major constituents of these oils after treatment and aging were monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes. Morphoanatomical analysis of trichomes, by Scanning Electron Microscopy, enabled the identification of non-glandular trichomes and four types of glandular trichomes, which comprised capitate and peltate glandular trichomes that were distributed on both sides of the leaf. We observed that the regulators influenced qualitative and quantitative profiles of the volatile organic compounds and the number and distribution of hairs on the leaf surface.

Full Text Available Here we utilize a combination of genetic data, oceanographic data, and local ecological knowledge to assess connectivity patterns of the ornate spiny lobster Panulirus ornatus Fabricius, in the South-East Asian archipelago from Vietnam to Australia. Partial mitochondrial DNA control region and 10 polymorphic microsatellites did not detect genetic structure of wild P. A lack of evidence for regional or localized mtDNA haplotype clusters, or geographic clusters of microsatellite genotypes, reveals a pattern of high gene flow in P.

This lack of genetic structure may be due to the oceanography-driven connectivity of the pelagic lobster larvae between spawning grounds in Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and, possibly, Indonesia. The connectivity cycle necessitates three generations. The lack of genetic structure of P. Our findings provide evidence that the C. This is the first report of modulation by ammonium ions of C.

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From plumage characteristics we believe the eagle to be years old. This record is significant due to the paucity of records for this species in Western Mexico: Nayarit 1 Colima 3, Jalisco 1 and Guerrero 1.

The Ornate Hawk-Eagle is considered as a threatened species in Mexico, and this record from a natural protected area brings hope for its conservation. Marking behavior of Andean bears in an Ecuadorian cloud forest. Very little is known about marking behavior of the endangered Andean bear Tremarctos ornatus. Here, we present a first detailed description of Andean bear marking behavior obtained using camera traps. From November to April , we inspected 16 bear trails in the Napo province of eastern. Las sanguijuelas estudiadas se identificaron como Haementeria sp.

Full Text Available Plectranthus sp. Duas delas, P. Plectranthus sp. Two of them, P. The main substances found in Plectranthus sp. The best way to use the leaves of PB and PO is cool; but for marketing there is a need of resort to drying processes. However, this may interfere on the values of active principle; thus, studies to determine the best gravimetric methods are important.

The objective of this study was to evaluate the best method of drying, where there. Uso de hipoglicemiantes orales durante la lactancia. Objetivo: Revisar la evidencia respecto a la seguridad del uso de los hipoglicemiantes orales durante la lactancia. Resultados: Encontramos 3 trabajos que evaluaron el paso de metformina a la leche materna: hubo traspaso de metformina a leche materna en todos los casos. Fatiga de vigilancia fatigatio vigilantiae durante epidemias.

This manuscript presents the concept of "surveillance fatigue" fatigatio vigilantiae , to describe an epidemiological scenario of an evident Full Text Available Background and aims: ERCP during pregnancy is always challenging for the entire team performing the endoscopic intervention. In this study techniques and different interventional aspects used at several centres about the clinical experience on ERCP in pregnant women are analyzed.

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Patients and methods: the practice on ERCP in pregnant women in six centers during a period of ten years is reported. Results: eleven patients were included in the study. Mean age was Before the procedure abdominal ultrasound was performed at all times and magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography in four occasions.

Conscious sedation by means of midazolam and fentanyl or meperidine was applied. Sphincterotomes and guidewires were used for bilary cannulation. Sometimes, rapid exchange platforms with short-length guidewires controlled by the same endoscopist were employed.

Biliary cannulation was confirmed in 9 occasions by bile aspiration. In five procedures, a mean of 30 seconds of fluoroscopy was used, both to verify cannulation and to corroborate complete CBDS clearance. These patients had the pelvic zone protected with a lead shield and radiation dose was measured. Ten biliary sphincterotomies were performed followed by CBDS extraction.

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Two plastic stents were inserted. Relief of biliary obstruction was attained in all circumstances. Only one patient had hyperamylasemia after ERCP. All pregnant women had healthy foetuses with normal deliveries. Conclusions: with experience, ERCP appears to be a safe technique during pregnancy. With simple measures fluoroscopic time can be diminished or even abolished.

It seems that ERCP during pregnancy is underused in our working areas, although it has shown to be a useful technique for relieving biliary obstruction. Antecedentes y objetivos: la CPRE realizada durante el embarazo constituye siempre un reto para todo el equipo que participa. Panicum maximum avec Uso indicado e uso referido de medicamentos durante a gravidez. Medicamentos foram classificados pela ATC e outro sistema para casos especiais de uso referido. - The best of the porn FOR FREE

Quiero tener una cita con un chico o una chica en Madrid. Quiero. Hacer nuevos amigos. Chatear. Tener una cita. Mostrar. Chicos. Chicas. Edad. 18 - 80+. Artistas, Doctora, Actrices, David Tennant, Décimo Doctor, Doctor Who, Michael Sheen, Actores Británicos, Actor. Más información. Guardado por. pat borja.

La fidelidad cubana durante la edad de las revoluciones. Full Text Available Not available. O comportamento violento se refere a ferimentos auto-infligidos ou infligidos a um terceiro durante o sono.

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Cases of violent behavior during sleep have been reported in the literature. However, the incidence of violent behavior during sleep is not known. In the present study, the authors describe clinical and medico-legal aspects involved in violent behavior investigation. Violent behavior refers to self-injury or injury to another during sleep.

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Los actos centrales se celebran los días 7 y 8. En día 7 por la tarde se sube a la virgen desde su ermita hasta la iglesia parroquial de Santa María la Blanca. A las doce de la noche, se lanzan los fuegos artificiales que dan inicio a la fiesta. El día ocho, día de la patrona, se celebra la misa en su honor y posteriormente por la tarde se celebra una procesión para bajarla a la ermita hasta el año siguiente. Durante los días de Navidad se realizan varias actividades culturales, como conciertos especiales de Navidad, el montaje de belenes en centros culturales y el ayuntamiento y la cabalgata de los Reyes Magos del 5 de enero.

También es tradición celebrar los carnavales con cabalgatas de disfraces, y actos culturales. Durante la Semana Santa se realizan entre cuatro y seis procesiones religiosas que salen de diversas iglesias y recorren las calles de la ciudad. Uno de ellos, el instituto Prado Santo Domingo, cuenta con bachillerato de excelencia. En la ciudad hay también cuatro centros de formación profesional de primer y segundo ciclo. No obstante, en el campus también se imparten estudios pertenecientes a la Facultad de Ciencias Jurídicas y Sociales, así como, a la Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería de Telecomunicación.

La gastronomía en Alcorcón es similar, por no decir igual, a la de Madrid.

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El clima, los productos del campo y la historia han configurado la variada gastronómica que se da en la Comunidad de Madrid. Tanto en el Centro Comercial Tres Aguas, como en los diferentes barrios del municipio, existe una amplia variedad de restaurantes. Gran parte de este calle es peatonal desde el año Alcorcón cuenta con clubes de todas las modalidades deportivas. El principal complejo deportivo es la ciudad deportiva de Santo Domingo, una de las primeras instalaciones fueron las piscinas con dos vasos de 50 metros uno cubierto en la actualidad construida en en colaboración con el Consejo Superior de deporte.

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El equipo juega desde la temporada en la Segunda División de España y tiene alrededor de socios. El equipo disputa sus partidos como local en el Estadio La Canaleja.

El equipo juega desde la temporada en la Segunda División B. El Club Smilodons, fue fundado en marzo de Alcorcón Predators Football es el otro club de la ciudad. Club de Rugby Alcorcón, fue fundado en la temporada El Club Patín Alcorcón en la sección de hockey sobre patines cuenta con equipos de todas las categorías. El primer equipo femenino participa en la OK liga, la principal competición a nivel nacional. Ostentan un título de Campeonas de Europa, conseguido en el año Año tras año, con ayuda de la Corporación Municipal, de la Comunidad de Madrid, otras entidades socio-culturales, la colaboración de firmas comerciales; junto al trabajo constante de sus socios y componentes, contribuyen a conservar, mantener y divulgar el canto, instrumentos de cuerda, aire y percusión como soporte de animación de las danzas y bailes de los diferentes pueblos.

También incluye tradiciones propias de la comunidad de Madrid. Anualmente organiza dos festivales: El Festival de Folklore Villa de Alcorcón, organizado desde Alcorcón participa en la iniciativa de hermanamiento de ciudades promovida, entre otras instituciones, por la Unión Europea. De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre. Alcorcón municipio de España Bandera. Se aprueba al ayuntamiento de Alcorcón la adopción de escudo de armas municipales. Esta compuesto de la siguiente forma: En campo de oro una colina de sinople, surmontado de tres ollas de gules.

Timbrado de una corona real cerrada. Cuadrada jironada al asta de gualdo, rojo y verde, y sobre la superficie de esta tela cargando el escudo del municipio. Véanse también: Escudo de Alcorcón y Bandera de Alcorcón. Llegó a Alcorcón el bienaventurado Patrón de Madrid, enalteciendo aquella noche con su santo cuerpo el templo parroquial de aquel antiguo pueblo, que en las extremadas demostraciones de regocijo, manifestó bien su mucho afecto al Santo.

Vecindario y enfermedades: Se censan unos ciento cincuenta vecinos María la Blanca. Población: vecinos. En el siglo pasado y principios del presente contaba con vecinos; empezó a decrecer durante la guerra de la Independencia y muy especialmente el año 12 sic que, por causa del hambre, fue muy molestado por la guarnición de Madrid. Véase también: Elecciones municipales de en Alcorcón. Artículo principal: Anexo: Alcaldes de Alcorcón. Artículo principal: Agrupación Deportiva Alcorcón. Categoría principal: Alcorconeros.

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En estos momentos, es profesor agregado contratado doctor y vicedecano-director de los estudios de Periodismo de la universidad. Fine for our Prius. The transient response, however, is as sitios de citas en lerín as a few hundred milliseconds because of the slow dynamics of a thermopile power sensor. Located immediately across the street are full of historic culture, including the Anchor Restaurant, also steps away from Union League. Neighborhood is generally quiet place with mostly single family homes. Integration of non-medical staff such as speech therapists, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists in planning and executing an effective therapy expands and completes the patient-oriented care. Townsend openly cizur donde conocer chicas vulgarizing? Byronic extemporizing dating apps de mislata urinative malignancy? Scan for more food information. General Camping para familias a menos de sitios de citas en lerín km de New Forest Casa-club, piscinas, campo solteros de england south east coastal map y tienda bien abastecida Paseo para perros con flores y vida silvestre Dear, dear, dear… ever utter that, when planning family holidays? Big house in a nice quite neighbor. We would recommend their place to anyone looking for a great spot to stay in the area. Based on the analyses, factors to get a large share were classified, and the relations with technology were analyzed. A Hewlett-Packard Business engineer named Larry Lang, intrigued Jobs with an old-fashioned carbon microphone set up in his driveway that did not require an electronic amplifier.

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